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Vehicle Mounted Outdoor Air Pollution Controller Launch & Showcase.

Vehicles have been always considered as Air Polluting Entities, but not any more, with the Latest Innovation Vehicles will now be assisting in Reduction of Outdoor Air Pollution as shared in a Statement by Innovator Mr. Amol Chaphekar during his interaction with our correspondent. He is also the Innovator or Pillar Type Outdoor Air Pollution Controllers which are getting installed in different part of India.

The Innovation and Product is designed in 2 variants , Motorised and Non Motorised Vehicle Mounted Outdoor Air Pollution Controllers. Today at the Lions Innovation Expo Area the Non Motorised Version of the Innovation was Showcased & Inaugurated.

Where is the Unit Mounted on a Vehicle and How Does it Work ?

The Unit is Mounted on the Top of the Vehicle where Air Jacket mounted on the top of the vehicle collects the Air Flowing against the vehicle with passed through the Filter Jacket which contains a replaceable chemically infused filter Cartridge trapping in the SPM ( Suspended Particulate Matter ) & Smog Content from Outdoor Air thereby releasing Good Quality Air from the Filter Jacket Improving the Outdoor Air Quality for Public.

What Type of Vehicle it can be mounted on ?

The Units are Tested for Cars, Rickshaws – 3 Wheelers, Buses, Trucks, Two Wheelers and can be mounted on all Mobility Units.

Are the Units Available for Sale ?

Yes, We have Preorders for Units and we will Start Shipping the Units from 15th Dec 2017.

Previous Products Innovations by Amol Chaphekar for reference related to Outdoor Air Pollution Controllers shared on

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