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Machine Maker Covers Story of StrataEnviro & Founder Amol Chaphekar

Machine Maker a Leading Tech Magazine Cover Story or StrataEnviro & Founder Amol Chaphekar

From the Editors Desk @ Machine Maker. " It is always inspiring to meet people who are adding value in life. Meet Amol Chaphekar who is a serial innovator, who have several patents added into his belt. One of his innovation, Outdoor Air Pollution Controller, is taken him into the last three-year journey of Strata Enviro and currently working on a Public-Private Partnership installing his Air Pollution Control Units in several cities in India and abroad. This young man is already recognized with several awards, and on his way to convert his dream and innovations into reality, which will surely add value to one's life.Read his incredible story, and get connected! "

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